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If you’ve ever had your vehicle’s oil changed, chances are you’re already familiar with Valvoline. It’s one of the most popular automotive oil, additive and lubricant developers in the United States, and the second-largest oil-change service provider in the country.

Valvoline’s slogan — “The original” — stems from the fact that the company’s founder invented automotive oil. John Ellis created automotive oil when he was studying crude oil, hoping to find a medicinal purpose for it. He didn’t discover any medical use for crude oil, but he left the medical field to research how he could make a high-viscosity all-petroleum lubricant for steam engines. The formula has gone through plenty of changes since then, but the credit for its creation still goes to Valvoline.

Valvoline may be most well known for creating automotive oil, but the company also provides oil-change service centers across the United States. Whether you’re purchasing oil to change yourself or getting your oil changed directly by Valvoline, it’s a trusted brand for high-quality oil for vehicles.

Valvoline, a leading supplier of premium branded lubricants and automotive services, ranks as the #2 quick-lube chain by number of stores, with more than 1,500 locations in the U.S.

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Shopping Secrets

• It’s common for Valvoline to offer rebates and other savings on its products. The Promotions page on Valvoline’s website is a great way to see what rebates and promotions are currently available. The savings may be available directly through Valvoline or when you buy the company’s products at your local retailer.

Team Valvoline Rewards allows you to earn exclusive merchandise and gear for making Valvoline purchases. Every time you upload a purchase receipt, you can get hundreds of points you can then redeem for specialty gear and merchandise on the company’s website. You can also earn points by logging in every day and interacting with Team Valvoline.

• The VPerks program is a separate rewards program available at participating Valvoline oil-change locations. If your local Valvoline service center participates in the program, you may be eligible for savings when you get multiple oil changes at a specific location. Ask your local Valvoline oil-change service center if they participate in the VPerks program, and how you can sign up.

Instant Oil Change coupons are probably the most common type of savings with Valvoline. The coupons provide an instant amount off your oil change, and you can simply show them to the service center where you’re getting your oil changed. You can even choose to have Valvoline text or email you the coupon. Check the Valvoline website to get more information about the coupons, including specialty coupons that are available only at certain locations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many Valvoline coupons can you use at once?

Valvoline generally will allow you to use only one coupon per vehicle. There may be other restrictions as well, such as a limit on the number of coupons per household during a specific time period and a restriction on how long you have to wait between redemptions.

Does Valvoline accept expired coupons?

Valvoline does not usually accept expired coupons. The company is franchised, however, so some locations may accept an expired coupon, especially if it hasn’t been very long since it expired. Call your local store to check its coupon policy.

How often does Valvoline full synthetic oil need to be changed?

Experts recommend that you change a synthetic oil brand every 7,500 to 15,000 miles. If you’ve noticed drivability issues, you may want to consider talking to a Valvoline expert about whether it’s time to change your oil.

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It was the first time I ever used this service. It was easy. The technicians wer...

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Valvoline is reasonable and services are done quickly.

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Quick and good customer service.

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